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Graphene-XT offer the possibility to customize commercial paint, tailored for in each case and can be used as an electrically conductive layer or as thermal conductor on a wide range of materials. The final coating consists of a multilayer of graphene flakes. The coating gives excellent tribological properties and reduction of surface roughness. Graphene-XT paint can give to insulating substrates antistatic or conductive properties, thus overcoming many problems related to electrical charge dissipation.  As example, electrostatic painting of plastic can be achieved using our thin, semitransparent, conductive coating.

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Registered Office:
Via D'Azeglio, 15
40123 Bologna (BO) - IT

Graphene-XT aims to identify tailor-made solutions for businesses and is dedicated to the production and development of next generation materials through the introduction of newly-designed nano materials.