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Thanks to the presence of our exfoliating agent, our product is highly compatible with many different polymers. Our proprietary molecule is also beneficial to foster disaggregation and dispersion of other graphene types in polymers. This enables the creation of high-quality composites, getting rid of dispersion problems that are usually associated with this kind of products.
Graphene-XT also give the possibility to functionalize the filler in order to improve the dispersions in polymers and the wettability of the graphene flakes.
Graphene-XT provide tailor-made master batches, prepared using our proprietary graphene products.

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Registered Office:
Via D'Azeglio, 15
40123 Bologna (BO) - IT

Graphene-XT aims to identify tailor-made solutions for businesses and is dedicated to the production and development of next generation materials through the introduction of newly-designed nano materials.