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What is the conductivity of graphene?

High conductivity of graphene and its unlimited applications. Graphene can lead to electricity still better than copper; our coating allows the conductivity at any isolating substrate.

What is graphene ink?
Graphene ink is similar to other types of traditional ink; with the graphene is also possible design and print conductive path on every kind of surface.
How can graphene help in desalination?
Graphene can be used in desalination; our graphene-based membrane and filter membranes can be customized for your goals.
How harmful is graphene?
Depend on many factors: shape, production method, exfoliation method: our graphene is in a solution with no one consequences for the health.
May I have a quote for your graphene?
Graphene-XT does not sell the graphene solution, it can customize for each particular client purpose.
How graphene looks like?
Graphene-XT produce a solution gray-black that can be applied on every kind of substrate.
What are the advantages of the graphene commercialized?
Graphene-XT with its solution does not have issue of delivery and manipulation of the graphene.
On which surface may deposit graphene?
Graphene-XT is able to coat every kind of substrate, also with complex shape.

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